Preparing for the Season

The flood of seed catalogs has been steadily arriving in the mail over the last few weeks making me excited to begin preparing for the upcoming growing season. I’ve order quite a few veggie and flower seeds already and purchased a few in various stores. The hubs cleaned out our “barn” and organized a potting bench for me-the first one I’ve had as I usually plant on my front porch-not Martha Stewart pretty but very functional. I use an old cooler Continue Reading ››

Hang On…It’s Coming

As I write this post, it is a dark, chilly, rainy night in Georgia. Spring this night seems a long way off-not simply the length of a few weeks from now. But, at least there is no snow, unlike our northern brethren, for us to struggle through. As I have said before and have to remind myself from time to time of, is why we live here in the south-mild winters and year-round gardening. Watching New Englanders get hit with one after Continue Reading ››

Tribute to Winter

Long time, no post. This past holiday season is a complete blur to me. It was a never-ending rush to concerts, family events, community events and church activities…not to mention the shopping, wrapping, and cooking. I ended the year with a total of 87 pounds of food grown-short of the goal of 95 pounds I set for myself. But, I’m still pretty proud of the final number given all the issues of bad bugs, heat, mildew etc.   I must Continue Reading ››

Longing for Ordinary Days

The Magic of Ordinary Days is a wonderful novel by Ann Howard Creel that was made into a beautiful Hallmark movie a few years ago. I will not recap the story but suggest that it is a great read and watch. The title for me says as much as the story conveyed…ordinary days are indeed very magical-I forget how great they are until they are so few of them. A day without appointments, or places to go and people to Continue Reading ››

There’s No Place Like Home

No matter where I go on vacation, after a few days I am always ready to come home. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love to travel-I certainly do-I just desire to be at home, tending to my garden and taking care of my beloved animals. We just got back from my husband’s annual conference and as usual I was so happy to pull in my driveway and see that all my plants survived my absence. Before I left, I Continue Reading ››

The Heat Is On

These are the days that most Southerners wonder why on earth do we live in such a brutal climate. The temps can range from upper 80s to 100s with humidity that will suck the life out of you. The consolation we get from living through a summer in the South is of course the long growing season that offers the possibility of raising food the entire year. My garden is booming in spite of the 100+ indexes, although I have Continue Reading ››

Gardening By Fireflies

In my mind, summer has not officially arrived until I see the first firefly. This sighting came two weeks ago one hot, steamy evening while tending my garden. It was not just one of the heavenly creatures buzzing around my yard but at least a dozen-actually, it was the most I’ve seen in years. So, for me it now has officially begun…the heat, the watering, the storms, the tending, the harvesting, the “putting up,” and of course, the enjoying of Continue Reading ››

The Plants Just Know

There is a point in the garden each spring where the plants just know there is no more cold weather to come. This past week, the plants took huge strides in growing and developing-they knew that summer was here to stay. Although I still have not harvested any veg yet, the time to do so is rapidly approaching. My concern is always not with the self-pollinating plants but for those relying on insects to do the job for them. I Continue Reading ››

No Act Too Small

As we celebrated Earth Day this past week I tried to be as mindful as possible about how we can give back to her as much as she gives us. Joseph and I try to do all we can but of course there is always more that we can do. We recycle, compost, purchase green living materials, and grow organically-but I know we can do more. I decided that my focus this year will be building up my nectar rich Continue Reading ››

In a Perfect World

In a perfect world, the compost would get hot enough to kill all the weeds…sadly it does not. In a perfect world, your chores, plans, and good intentions would not get interrupted by sick family members, a case of horrible bronchitis, and complete physical and mental exhaustion…sadly life happens. There is no perfect world, never has been, never will be. We are all afloat a sea of ever changing chaos-whether we believe it is controlled or not-and at the mercy Continue Reading ››

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