Rebooting Joy

Well, sometimes you must reboot life. Start over. Get back up. Jump right back in. Last year was yet another difficult year in our lives with taking care of a parent with mental illness. On top of the issues that came with such a responsibility, my garden was damaged heavily by bugs and the hottest summer on record in Georgia. I completely gave up on gardening…and on a lot of things. This past January I started over in the garden. With Continue Reading ››

Loving the Month of Love

February is the month of love, though I think every month should be full of this most needed affection. From a person who has lost more than a few family members too soon, I find it very important to let those close to me know how much they are cherished. I hope you are doing the same in your own life! On a another note, I have wanted an ice cream maker for years but could not imagine dealing with Continue Reading ››

Everyday Dishes

I’ve been canning for about five months now and have a cabinet full of my handiwork. What to do with all the delights? Well, I’ve been creating new recipes and trying them out on the Hubby. So far, the Hubs is quite pleased with the results. Pork is an extremely versatile protein that pairs well with both savory and sweet. Pork can be matched with a sweet and tart rhubarb jelly or a savory green tomato jam. Glazed stuffed pork chops are a Continue Reading ››

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