One Day At A Time

In one way, I can’t believe I’ve not made a post since January, but, when I look back over the last six months, I can’t believe I have survived these days of crisis. The year started off with a bang of constant writing jobs coming from different sources-I feel so blessed for the opportunities that came my way-but life can never be so simple, at least not for me. As many of you know, who have loved ones with either severe Continue Reading ››

A Time for Looking Back

It has been so long since my last post I feel like I need to make a confession. Well, life once again took over and knocked me down for the count. But, at last I have a moment to review this past year, in the garden and in life. I also want to welcome and thank all the new subscribers to my blog-please feel free to comment!! I love comments! The year of 2015 turned out to be the most Continue Reading ››

A Welcomed Season

Colorful leaves, pumpkin flavored everything, apples fresh from the tree…and of course, what I look forward to most of all-cooler weather. This summer has been long, hot, and plentiful. We were blessed with a bountiful garden that provided a lot of produce to preserve. So far, our garden has produced 172 pounds of food! We finally took the tomatoes out of the garden the first week of September. They were looking tired and we had a horrible infestation of stink Continue Reading ››

Just Hanging On

Ever feel as if you are just hanging on to life by the threads? Yeah, me too. Summer is such a busy time as I stated in my last post but add the heat of 100+ days, without rain, and that means a lot of struggling for the garden and this middle aged woman. There are not a lot of plants, especially vegetables, that can thrive in such heat and drought, so, that means a lot of time outside watering to keep Continue Reading ››

Summertime and the Living Isn’t Easy

Currently, I’m not in agreement with the old song that says “summertime and the living is easy.” Summer, at least for me, is very busy with trying to keep the garden alive and producing, preserving as much of the garden produce as I can, and trying to put out every fire my family can set along the way. Oh, and of course staying as cool as possible in hot and humid Georgia. As of today, we have harvested 60 pounds Continue Reading ››

And…We’re Off!

It’s Memorial Day-the official kickoff of summer-and I am excited about how the garden is shaping up so far. The fireflies and hummingbirds have arrived, the cucumbers have started being harvested, the flowers are up and blooming rapidly-yep, it’s summer. My tomatoes-various varieties, both heirloom and hybrid-are creating a forest in my raised bed. The blooms and baby maters are numerous. Sure beats last year’s disaster. I am growing the Spacemaster variety of cucumbers for the first time this year Continue Reading ››

Beginning the Season

It feels like spring has sprung right on top of me so quickly this year that I am still trying to catch my breath. A mild winter has turned into a hot spring where everything has rapidly grown before my eyes. I learned-through failure-how hot a small green house can actually get. Mold grew quickly on my seedlings but I’ve managed to save some and have moved them outside to grow under the warmth of the sun. Note to self-must vent Continue Reading ››

Be a Light to the World

I love to place beautiful flags with positive messages in my garden to hopefully inspire others as well as remind myself to be a more cheerful person. Since we live downtown-in a college town-we have students walking past our home every single day and over the years many have stopped to tell me how much they enjoy our garden. One young woman actually told me that walking by my house and seeing the garden helped relieve the stress she experienced Continue Reading ››

Preparing for the Season

The flood of seed catalogs has been steadily arriving in the mail over the last few weeks making me excited to begin preparing for the upcoming growing season. I’ve order quite a few veggie and flower seeds already and purchased a few in various stores. The hubs cleaned out our “barn” and organized a potting bench for me-the first one I’ve had as I usually plant on my front porch-not Martha Stewart pretty but very functional. I use an old cooler Continue Reading ››

Hang On…It’s Coming

As I write this post, it is a dark, chilly, rainy night in Georgia. Spring this night seems a long way off-not simply the length of a few weeks from now. But, at least there is no snow, unlike our northern brethren, for us to struggle through. As I have said before and have to remind myself from time to time of, is why we live here in the south-mild winters and year-round gardening. Watching New Englanders get hit with one after Continue Reading ››

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