Brutal Hope

I’ve promised myself to be brutal in the garden this year. I started this morning by pruning my tomatoes up into small topiary-like structures. No more beds looking like a jungle of tomato vines dominating the landscape. Beginning gardeners make the same mistake I have made of being greedy and never wanting to prune down to manageable plants. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way-if you do not manage your plants, they will most certainly manage you. So, this is the year of pruning.

As for the tomatoes, I have a wide variety of both hybrids and heirlooms including: Yellow Pear, Sweet Million, Cherokee Purple, Mr. Stripy, Early Girl, Pink Girl, and Lemon Boy.

My yellow zucchini are looking fantastic and even though my squash have not been successful in the past, my hopes are high for that bountiful abundance that others gardeners complain about. Such a harvest has long evaded me with these summer staples.

I, well, the hubs actually, installed a lattice for beans and cucumbers to merrily run up. We just cannot wait until the picking of the first cucumber has occurred. A summer full of cucumber, tomato, and onion salad is in our future.

We have not harvested any food since the last post, so nothing to report there, yet. But, things are looking positive for a great growing season as long as I stay brutal and vigilant on the care and management front.

I will leave you with a few shots from around the garden to lift your spirits. As always, the grass may be greener on the other side, but keep in mind it takes a lot of poop to keep it that way.

Love, Catherine



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