Just Hanging On

Ever feel as if you are just hanging on to life by the thre545652_474464849234386_1526873484_nads? Yeah, me too. Summer is such a busy time as I stated in my last post but add the heat of 100+ days, without rain, and that means a lot of struggling for the garden and this middle aged woman.

There are not a lot of plants, especially vegetables, that can thrive in such heat and drought, so, that means a lot of time outside watering to keep all my hard work from dying. Anyone who knows the south, knows that even at 7:00 at night the heat and humidity is horrendous. But, as they say, you got to do what you got to do.

I try to add positive vibes through art in my garden.

I try to add positive vibes through art in my garden.

IMG_0841I can report that we got a full day of wonderful rain yesterday and it was a night of cool breezes and rest for me. Also, I’ve not only reached my goal of growing 95 pounds of groceries this year but have gone past it with great speed and no end in sight….as of today we have grown 125 pounds of food! Reaching the goal and preserving a large amount of it makes all the hard work worthwhile. I have frozen and canned many tomato sauces lately-Italian, plain, chili mix-and a lot of okra. I also caught organic carrots and potatoes on sale at Kroger and canned them…you don’t have to preserve just what you grow. There are a lot of things that I simply cannot grow, either because of the heat or my lack of space, but catching great sales can mean your pantry will stay full.


I  planted more cucumbers this week for a fall harvest. I miss my great tasting cucumbers that can add a vegetable side to any dinner.  I will leave you with pictures from the garden. Just remember, don’t try to keep up with the Joneses, they have more problems than you can ever imagine. Blessings, Catherine

One of the largest marigolds I've ever grown.

One of the largest marigolds I’ve ever grown.












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