And…We’re Off!

It’s Memorial Day-the official kickoff of summer-and I am excited about how the garden is shaping up so far. The fireflies and hummingbirds have arrived, the cucumbers have started being harvested, the flowers are up and blooming rapidly-yep, it’s summer.

My tomatoes-various varieties, both heirloom and hybrid-are creating a forest in my raised bed. The blooms and baby maters are numerous. Sure beats last year’s disaster.


I am growing the Spacemaster variety of cucumbers for the first time this year and they have proven fabulous so far. I harvested three yesterday and the vines are completely loaded. Hopefully the mildew will stay off and we will have a summer full of salads and pickles.

We went to a strawberry farm this month and I froze over two gallons of sliced berries and canned several jars of strawberry-rhubarb jam. Yum!!



The total amount of food produced this year is slowly but steadily climbing. So far, we are at 25 lbs 15 oz. This includes lettuce, blackberries, and cucumbers-I’m very pleased with this number and we’re not even out of May.

I will leave you pics from around the May garden. As always, bloom where you’re planted because it takes a lot of poop to make the grass greener on that other side. Blessings, Catherine









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