Beginning the Season

IMG_0557It feels like spring has sprung right on top of me so quickly this year that I am still trying to catch my breath. A mild winter has turned into a hot spring where everything has rapidly grown before my eyes.

I learned-through failure-how hot a small green house can actually get. Mold grew quickly on my seedlings but I’ve managed to save some and have moved them outside to grow under the warmth of the sun. Note to self-must vent green house much more in the future.

This week has seen the arrival of blue birds and hummingbirds to our home once again. The couple of mating blue birds are unique as they are the more vivid blue than I have ever seen before. I will try to get a picture but they are very elusive creatures. Keep your feeders clean and filled so you can enjoy these beauties throughout the summer.


Our local stores finally got this year’s Ball Heritage Collection purple jars in and I could not resist getting a set…or two! I also picked up the new Ball Preserving book at the same time and I highly recommend it-especially for new canners.


So far, the garden has given us collards, carrots, lettuce and chard. The total pounds as of today is 16 lbs 14 oz. Not bad for the middle of April. I will leave you with a look around the garden. As always, remember that it takes a lot of poop to make the grass greener on that other side. Blessings, Catherine















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