Preparing for the Season

100_3621The flood of seed catalogs has been steadily arriving in the mail over the last few weeks making me excited to begin preparing for the upcoming growing season. I’ve order quite a few veggie and flower seeds already and purchased a few in various stores.

The hubs cleaned out our “barn” and organized a potting bench for me-the first one I’ve had as I usually plant on my front porch-not Martha Stewart pretty but very functional. I use an old cooler to store the seed soil. We also got the inside greenhouse lighting system up and running with grow lights. With this greenhouse I hope to jump start my seeds for faster and safer development.


My current cupboard is very pretty but gets easily filled with my canned goodies, so, I’ve been watching out over the winter for a special piece of furniture that would work for storage. A couple of weeks ago I came across several great cabinets at our local Big Lots but did not immediately act on my find. I took my hubs along last week to look at the cabinets and found they had sold the beautiful red one that I had desired so much. We settled with a cream one that ended up being larger than the original red one that I wanted.


I think it works very well as it’s neutral and is very deep to house many canned goods. I also can use the top for holding food during holiday dinners. In the last year, I’ve made a shift to wanting pretty items in my home that have practical uses-I want more out of the furniture/items I purchase. I plan to replace the knobs with more decorative ones later.

I was asked to bring the centerpieces to a church function this weekend so I thought flowers from my yard in mason jars would be easy and beautiful. I think they turned out wonderful and I have now placed many around my house. Whether it’s simple greens or the exquisite camellia, homegrown is always better.




As we all look forward to growing our food and flowers, let’s not forget that our gardens would cease to exist if not for pollinators. The Pollinator Partnership is a fantastic source for farmers and home gardeners alike who want to ensure the health of their plants and the future of our earth. Without pollinators the earth as we know it, and we along with it, will disappear. Do your part!


So, tell me what goals you have for your garden this year? I love comments. Blessings, Catherine



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