Hang On…It’s Coming

IMG_0282As I write this post, it is a dark, chilly, rainy night in Georgia. Spring this night seems a long way off-not simply the length of a few weeks from now. But, at least there is no snow, unlike our northern brethren, for us to struggle through. As I have said before and have to remind myself from time to time of, is why we live here in the south-mild winters and year-round gardening. Watching New Englanders get hit with one after another snow storm has made my feet even more firmly planted in this red clay. I’ll take the threat of tornadoes and hurricanes any day over snow measured with a yard stick.

I have taken longer than usual this year to decide what goal I am going to set in terms of the amount of food I want to grow. I think I am going for the 95 pounds again. It is a reachable number and I nearly made it last year. Now that my greenhouse is up and running I believe my chances are better in 2015.

I love gadgets-especially ones that make my life easier. This is a garden colander that I picked up at my local Kroger. They had several pretty colors and I loved the idea of being able to wash the veg off before bringing it into the house. It was very reasonable at around $12.


So, goal is set and now it’s time to start reaching for it. I pulled every collard but one out for cooking and ended up with 5 lbs. of greens. I left one to grow to maybe try fried greens-a dish our Sri Lankan friend’s dad makes that is really delicious.


Total food grown in 2015: 5 pounds!

I’ll leave you with some pictures from around the garden. Hang on, spring is coming.

Blessings, Catherine







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